outside the waistband holsterWith the holidays just around the corner, odds are you've already started gift shopping in the search for the perfect present for your loved ones. To make gift giving even more of a challenge, the ones we're closest to are sometimes the most challenging to shop for.

This can be especially true for fathers, the most difficult people to shop for on any Christmas gift list. How many holidays have you given your father a picture frame, tie, fishing lure, or a hearty steak? This year, you can give him something truly special that he doesn't already own: a custom gun holster.

Up to 72% of Americans who own a firearm own a handgun. And keeping these firearms safely stored and secured are especially important. Therefore, here are four types of custom gun holsters you should consider this holiday season:
  1. Inside the waistband holster
    An inside the waistband concealed carry holster allows for a gun owner to carry their firearm securely while keeping it respectively concealed. However, should you choose this type of holster, you may also want to include a gift card for a new pair of pants. An inside the waistband holster requires a few extra inches on your waistband, which can make one's everyday jeans feel tight around the middle.
  3. Outside the waistband holster
    An outside the waistband holster is one of the most favored gun holsters for men. Not only do you not have to worry about purchasing a new pair of pants, but an outside the waistband holster is also known to be especially comfortable. These holsters feature a latch for optimal security and safety. They're also great for easy draw.
  5. Over the shoulder holster
    Not every man is a fan of the waistband holster. Many Americans are fond of the over the shoulder gun holster. These holsters safely conceal your firearm without the added weight on the hips. If your father's firearm is on the heavier side, these types of holsters may be more favorable.
  7. Ankle holster
    On the opposite side of the spectrum of the shoulder holster is the ankle holster.
    That is, if your father owns a smaller firearm that's more easily concealed, he might appreciate an ankle holster. Although they're slightly harder to draw, ankle holsters make it easier to wear one's firearm regardless of their apparel.

Gun holsters for men are one of the best gifts you could give your dad during this holiday season. At Bare Arms Custom Holsters, there's multiple holsters in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Take a look for great seasonal gift ideas for dad today.