custom outside the waistband holsterThree out of every 10 American adults own a firearm, according to the Pew Research Center. While those who own a firearm will often keep them outside the waistband or inside the waistband safely tucked away in gun holsters, these holsters can sometimes pose a risk to the gun owner.

A waistband holster may be unsafe if there's too much wiggle room, if it changes your gun's controls, or if it's old and worn out. Read on to find out if your own concealed carry holster may be a potential threat to you.

There's too much space in the holster
One of the perks of a custom outside the waistband holster or another type of customized holster is that it's designed to fit your firearm. When your firearm is in its holster, it should be completely secure. That means your firearm shouldn't be able to wiggle back and forth.

When your firearm doesn't fit your holster, it can cause your firearm to snag on the way out. This can be hazardous in a life-threatening situation. What's more, a loose holster can cause security issues where the firearm may fall out.

Your holster changes your gun's controls
Holsters that aren't secure or fitted to your firearm can rub up against the controls. This means the controls that help keep you safe from a misfire such as a slide lock and safety can be tampered with.

To prevent your firearm's controls from changing without your knowledge, it's essential you use a holster that provides a relieved area for the controls for extra protection.

Your holster is worn out
Even a leather holster can loosen with wear and tear over the years. Holsters that begin to lose stitching or start to sag can cause your firearm to be less secure.

As mentioned above, an ill-fitted holster can be problematic in a critical situation. What's more, a frayed belt loop that secures your holster to your pants can pose a safety hazard. If your holster is worn out and causing your firearm to fit poorly it may be time for a new custom outside the waistband holster.

A secure and well-fitted holster is essential for every firearm owner. If you suspect it's time for a better fit and more secure holster, contact Bare Arms Custom Holsters today.