With Pro Shooter Rob Leatham

Part 3


By definition, a sight is a device used to assist aligning or the aiming of firearms, and is typically composed of two components, front and rear aiming pieces that have to be lined up.

Very simply put, the sights indicate where the gun is pointed. They are what we use to aim the gun.

The sights are comprised of the little post on the front of the slide (front sight) and the notched blade (rear sight) on the rear of the slide. There are many different kinds of sights, but the iron sights on all Springfield Armory® pistols are “post and notch” and therefore align the same.

Sights come in several sizes, shapes and colors; Some are all black, others have fiber optic tubes, painted dots or even inserts that glow in the dark. Most shooters quickly begin to favor one type of sight over another and their gun choice may actually be determined based on the sights.


Properly aligning the sights on the target gives you the orientation or exact location / position the gun will shoot the bullet when fired. Many shooters refer to this a the “sight picture”.

So, how do you create the perfect sight picture?

  • Properly grip the gun and hold it at arms length.
  • Visually align the front sight post in the rear sight notch.
  • The top of the rear and front sights should be on the same plane or level.
  • The gap of light between the sides of the front sight and inside vertical edge of the rear notch should be equal.
  • Once you have aligned the sights with each other, place the sights on the target where you want the impact of the bullet to go. You are now ready to shoot!


Our guns’ sights are typically regulated so the bullet will impact at the top of the front sight, with proper sight alignment. Many pistol models come with sights that can be adjusted to change the point of impact.

~Springfield Armory Blog Post