leather concealed carry holstersUp to 67% of Americans who own firearms report owning a firearm for protection. However, many of these same Americans fail to consider personal protection when it comes to concealing their firearm.

Pocket carry is one of the most well-known ways to carry a firearm. It's a convenient, comfortable, and easy way to conceal a firearm. However, because pockets aren't designed to carry a gun, pocket carry can be as dangerous as carrying your firearm in your bag.

Consider the following reasons why pocket carry, though convenient, is actually a hazard to gun owners.

Limited draw ability
When you carry a firearm your pocket, it puts you at a disadvantage in a life-threatening situation. This is because when your firearm is in your pocket, it makes it more difficult to draw with your opposite hand.

What's more, because your pockets aren't fitted for your firearm, your gun can snag on your jeans on their way out of your pocket. Not only does this create a problem if you need to make a quick draw, but it also creates a safety hazard should your gun's safety come off.

Slowed draw ability
Leather concealed carry holsters such as an outside the waistband holster allow for easy access and quick draw. However, when you keep your firearm in your pocket it can be challenging to locate the firearm immediately.

For instance, in a critical situation, you'll need to first move your shirt to access the pocket, find the outer seam of the pocket, and then remove the firearm without it snagging on your jeans.

Wardrobe limitations
A gun owner with an inside the waistband holster may have to make adjustments when it comes to jeans, but there are only so many outfits available to wear when you use pocket carry. For instance, pocket carry requires pockets as well as a shirt long enough to conceal your firearm. And for women, pocket carry is practically impossible.

These wardrobe limitations may not be a hazard to one's safety, but they can be especially inconvenient. Leather concealed carry holsters and other custom concealment holsters can be worn outside the waistband or inside and keep you from needing specialty clothing. For more information on leather concealed carry holsters to make carrying your firearm that much easier, contact Bare Arms Custom Holsters today.