When concealing a firearm, American men typically choose to wear a holster either inside the waistband or outside the waistband. However, because American women often carry purses, backpacks, and handbags, it's wrongfully thought that such places make for great places to conceal a firearm. 

On the contrary, a purse or any other bag is considered one of the worst places a person can conceal their firearm. This is because a purse makes it difficult to locate one's firearm in a life-or-death situation, provides limited firearm security, and also makes losing your bag that much more dangerous.

Poor accessibility
Gun holsters for women are considered to be the preferred method of concealed carry because they allow for easy accessibility to one's firearm during a life-or-death situation. Carrying a pocket knife at the bottom of your bag isn't likely to protect you from a person threatening your life, nor would carrying your firearm at the bottom of your bag.

Poor security of movement
What's more is it can be dangerous for yourself to carry a firearm loosely in a bag. Gun holsters for women allow for stability of movement. They're also safely tucked away in a leather holster outside the waistband. 

In a bag, your firearm is loose and colliding with other objects like your phone and makeup. Even with the safety on, it's better to keep your firearm close and protected in a custom holster on or inside your waistband.

Purse thieves
Finally, carrying your firearm inside of your purse rather than in a waistband holster makes purse thieves that much more dangerous if they've managed to steal your bag. Not only are they armed now with your credit cards and other valuables, but they're also armed in general.

The better alternative
Gun holsters for women are the better and safer alternative for concealed carry. An inside the waistband concealed carry holster or outside the waistband holster allows for easy accessibility, more secured movement, and finally, helps to prevent your firearm from being stolen. 

The most common place to carry a holster is the waistline. Consider opting in for a custom holster today to prevent any purse-related disasters in the future.