EDC Hybrid Holster


The EDC (Every Day Carry) Hybrid Holster- Modular, Flexible, Breathable.

Our new EDC Hybrid Holster features a new compact backer system.  The mesh grid allows sweat-proof breathability along with a much smaller design to allow for the most comfort available in an IWB holster. This material breathes easily, keeping you much cooler than a traditional leather hybrid holster.

The synthetic backing material was designed to be sweatproof, anti-bacterial, and hypo-allergenic. Soft and breathable against your skin, this is the most comfortable and durable holster material available. Best of all, it’s resistant to heat and moisture so it can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

The EDC system works extremely well with compact and subcompact pistols, but will not work with full sized handguns.

***Our EDC Holster will have loose retention when not being worn, it is made this way due to the backer.  This allows proper retention when it is being worn***